Working with bodywork for 14 years now, I have always been interested in observing and caring for not only a physical complain from my clients, but also paying attention to how they are emotionally, mentally or even spiritually. As the relationship between client and massage therapist gets more comfortable and deepens through regular sessions, my clients not only share that their neck or sciatic nerve is hurting today, but also that they feel stressed, anxious, had had an argument with a friend, that they don’t enjoy their job anymore, or that they are unhappy or overwhelmed with their life and need a change…

With the study of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the practice of Zen Shiatsu Therapy, we learn the link between a body complain or illness and an emotion, a mental attitude or a difficult situation in life. For example, in TCM, the lungs are related to sadness, depression; the liver and gallbladder have to deal with anger and resentment, the large intestine with letting go and accepting the changes of life, the stomach with anxiety and being centered…That is why, when someone comes to the practice, the Shiatsu Therapist can work on the lung meridian with acupressure to help the person overcome depression, or get over the loss of her mother or the end of a relationship. If a person has stomach acid reflux, looks anxious and has some compulsive eating habits, we will work on her stomach meridian to balance those aspects and help her get better. With a person who comes complaining about that right lower back pain and says that he is always angry lately, we will work on the liver to help him balance that anger and help that back pain dissipate and so on. As you can see, Shiatsu therapy, which is a form of Eastern bodywork, is much more than just “body work”!

Of course, I love to see how my clients, through the sessions, get better not only physically but also holistically: the person mourning over a loved one’s death not only see her bronquitis go away but is able to handle better this moment of her life; the anxious overwhelmed compulsive eater mum finds more peace and balance and starts loosing weight; the person with anger not only see his back improve, but finds himself more flexible and creative and dares speaking of his feelings more openly now…

Still, I could see in my practice that certain things seem to need an extra help, something complementary to holistic bodywork, aspects of my clients’ lives that seemed to be inherited from their families and not only physical issues (migraine, diabetes, lower back pain etc) but also psychological inheritances.

I have always been eager to discover new therapies, and my best way to do so, before learning them, is to experience them as a patient. Always intrigued by the repetitions I was seeing in my family tree and not willing to repeat in my own life the same traumatic events my ancestors suffered, I decided to try Psychogenealogy.

What is Psychogenealogy?

Psychogenealogy, as the word explains, is a combination of “psychology” and “genealogy”. Indeed, through the study of the family tree, by observing cues such as names, dates or event repetitions, we can understand not only where we come from as individuals, but also understand issues, difficulties or challenges we might have inherited from our ancestors. Psychogenealogy is a wonderful exploration of our family‘s past, to allow us to understand what is happening in our present as descendants.

You can do Psychogenealogy work with a Psychogenealogy practitioner when things are not going the way you want, or you have certain feelings you cannot explain and let go of, you don’t succeed to find a high pay job in spite of high qualifications, everything is normal but you can’t get pregnant etc; anything related to love, work, relationships where you have tried other therapies but nothing seems to help.

If you want to find out more about Psychogenealogy, please go to where you can find many articles about it:

You can also sign up for the online Psychogenealogy training course on this same web page if you are curious to learn more! This course, created by an experienced French psychogenealogist, Maria-Dolores Sanchez, will teach you how to do your own family tree and help you grow and understand you family unconscious programmings.

If you want to go even further, you also have the possibility to take the practitioner level to become a Psychogenealogy Practitioner (if you already are in the therapy professional field). As translator and tutor of the English version of this training, I will be very happy to accompany you through this online training course!

If you would like to do Psychogenealogy work through private coaching sessions, please contact me at